45 Minutes Per Day; Oct 12 - Oct 16

Another week has gone by...

Monday was Thanksgiving, so instead of sewing, I baked a pumpkin pie.
Tuesday I hemmed 3 handkerchiefs
Wednesday... I don't know that I did anything for the handmade sale on Wednesday. If I did I didn't write it down.
Thursday I sorted through the checkers, sanding and counting them into sets of 12. I have 25 sets of 12 which is enough for the checker boards that I intend to make for the sale and one for our family and extra for special orders.
Friday I hemmed 3 handkerchiefs and (I'm getting faster with those handkerchiefs!) I pinned labels to the pieces of fabric to be made into checkerboards and backpack carriers. This way I can machine sew them in place before I construct the items rather than hand sew them after construction.

I also spent time today to plan out the rest of my sewing time between now and the sale to help keep me on track.


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