Wednesday Sewing; Jalie 2795, part 4

I accomplished a lot today.

The sewing day began with a quick trip to the local fabric store to pick up some trim for Peter's hoodie. He alerted me yesterday that he would like to have stripes on his jacket. He wanted orange, yellow, and black stripes down the sleeves, so I set out to see what I could find. This is what we settled on:

That's three rows of some sort of polyester braid, that I glued and stitched together and then stitched to his sleeves. (Note the glue stick on the window sill.) I was feeling pretty proud of my work until I began to attach the sleeves to the body pieces. I kept holding out hope until I attached the first collar piece. Somebody forgot to make sure the stripe location was even at the top of the sleeve. Check out the wonky stripes below.

This is not all that terribly noticeable if you are on his level. It is noticeable if you are an adult and happen to be looking down at his shoulders. The stripe looks like it goes diagonally through his neck rather than straight across. I shall have to work hard to resist straightening his shoulders. I am not going to fix it, because picking out the stitching would likely result in wrecking the trim.

In other sewing news, the All-Handmade Sale will be happening again in November and it's time for folks like me to start making plans. This year I intend to make baby doll backpack carriers, handkerchiefs, bookmarks, and maybe checkers sets. I tried my hand at making a checkerboard today out of some leftover quilting cotton. I had sketched out a plan some weeks ago. It went together fairly quickly until I got to the binding part. That's going to require a bit more research.

Not bad for my first attempt at strip piecing and quilting!


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