A Wadder of a Sewing Day

Bleh. Today's sewing adventures were less than stellar.

David needed the van to take Lucy to preschool, so I rode the bus in the rain to the fabric store to buy another half meter of fabric for Peter's hoodie. I did get some stitching removed from my fleece blazer while I was on the bus, so that was good.

I got home, threw the sweatshirting and a few dark towels and sweatshirts into the wash and then got to work on making button hole tests for my fleece blazer. No good. My machine won't make buttonholes in fleece fabric without serious cajoling. It wouldn't move the fabric at all unless I put a piece of tissue paper or quilting cotton between the fleece and the feed dogs. Even then, though, the results were not consistent and the fabric was very difficult to slice through (I don't have one of those button hole chisels).

I grumbled and swore for a bit and was really fairly stymied by the whole thing, then I thought I might try a bound buttonhole. I got about halfway through and just lost patience. I realized that while I was certain that I could make a decent bound buttonhole, I am just not ready to make three nearly identical bound buttonholes.

I think I'll call around to the local fabric shops and see if anyone has large sew-in snaps.

I did manage to also get my 45 minutes of All-Handmade Sale work in, but even that wasn't very exciting. Some days are like this, I guess.


So THAT's why all the fleece I buy has snaps! How frustrating for you
julia said…
Yep, we all have days like that. It doesn't make it any better, necessarily knowing that, though, I don't guess.
j.kaori said…
Those kinds of days are a drag, but at least you came up with a solution for the hoodie and completed your 45 minutes for the day --- quite an accomplishment!

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