Jalie 2795, part 3

Today I was able to squeeze in a fair bit more sewing on Peter's hoodie.

This morning, I pinned all the main body pieces together. This was no quick process since the hoodie has raglan sleeves and thus requires the sleeves to be pinned in and the sleeves themselves have four pieces each. Here is Peter cautiously trying it on. He got stuck a couple of times, but did try to smile for the camera.

Mostly I was checking for fit around his body and around his arms. I added an extra half inch to the seam allowances on each piece before cutting, just to give me more wiggle room if I needed to let something out. (Jalie adds only quarter inch seam allowances.) The seam allowances sticking out make it difficult to actually see the fit in this photo, but I did let the sides out a bit. I think the rest will fit fine (I will pin fit the hood, when we get to that point), though the sleeves will be a bit long.

This afternoon I sewed the sleeves. Peter helped. He was nervous about guiding the fabric through, but he was excited to press the pedal. We managed several seams and overcast several raw edges together before he lost interest and went to watch our housemate changing the brake pads on his bike.

This evening, I worked on the main body pieces and the pockets. Here is one pocket welt attached to one of the front pieces.

And here are both fronts with the pockets fully assembled. Not too bad for a first try.


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