45 Minutes Per Day; Sept 7 - Sept 11

I almost forgot to post this! Nothing terribly exciting this week...

Monday - hemmed 3 handkerchiefs
Tuesday - hemmed 4 handkerchiefs (ran over time, I think 3 is my limit)
Wednesday - sorted through my Backpack Baby Doll Carrier materials from last year. I have enough on hand to make nine carriers. I have yet to decide how many I hope to make.
I also experimented with the quilt binding on the checkerboard again. I think I have figured out that if I want a 1" border, my binding needs to be 4" wide.
Thursday - hemmed 3 handkerchiefs
Friday - I don't remember (forgot to write it down), but I must have hemmed 3 handkerchiefs

I need to count how many handkerchiefs I have cut and figure out how many sewing sessions those will take...


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