Sewing withdrawals, that is. I'm starting to get a little twitchy. I do have a shirt to hem, but there's no good place to set up my machine while the kids are awake in our current space.

And one of my beloved children (who has been forgiven and, therefore, shall remain anonymous) dropped our digital camera on its lens. The camera did not survive. I think I'll buy a new one rather than search Craigslist for one.

And the smallish chest freezer we bought from someone on Craigslist smells bad. We have cleaned it all out, but we think it is the insulation in the lid (and the cracked plastic covering said insulation) that is the source of the stink and needs to be replaced.


doris said…
oh dear. life with no camera. i'm sure i couldn't survive. ha.
Lindsay T said…
To answer your question about why I used silk for my shopper tote: This home dec silk is extremely lightweight yet durable, so it's excellent for something like a tote. I would have gone for nylon but it is very hard to find nylon in attractive prints and plaids. Plus I had a very strong urge to MAKE IT NOW, and silk was readily available to me. Hope that answers your question!

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