Spanish Tortillas

Tonight we made Spanish tortillas using a recipe from Issue 99 of Cook's Illustrated. Oh, my, were they ever good!

Here are photos (sorry they are over exposed, I was in a hurry to not kill anything)...

Peter and Lucy's tortilla. Just eggs, potatoes and onions(don't tell them about the onions - they don't know).

Clara's, David's, and my tortilla before I attempted to flip it...

...and after the flip and slide back into the pan. If you look closely, you can see where it broke and got churned up... about 4 o'clock on the pan.

And a parting shot from Monday's trip to the Abbotsford Agrifair. This is what my super-feminine fashionista Lucy looks like while eating a chocolate ice cream cone. It's a good reminder that she is only four and a half years old after all.


Anonymous said…
Nice job with the flip! I loved that even Cook's Illustrated, after many attempts to perfect and simplify the flip, sort of gave up and said, use an extra plate and do your best!

Love the picture of Luc--she looks so much older.

Really, this is a good recipe. And simple! And a limited ingredient list! A winner all around.
doris said…
mmmmmmmmmm. those do look good especially peter and lucy's (no peas please). do you boil the potatoes and onions first?
No, you fry them up in a fair bit of oil.

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