Peach Cobbler

I was inspired by Little Hunting Creek's sour cherry cake. I had four very ripe peaches and a little time this morning. I totally winged the fruit filling part - next time I'll use a little cornstarch to thicken the juice. I used my trusty Better Homes and Gardens cookbook for the biscuity topping.

This might be the first baked fruit dessert I've ever made. It turned out very well. And two of my three children ate it. Hooray for summer!


Yum, looks delicous. My kids ate the Sour cherry Cake in two days. Time to make another. This time with peaches, maybe...
Thanks, I put cinnamon in the biscuity topping and that was superb. Next I think I will have to make something chocolate. I've been meaning to make those double chocolate cookies of yours... hmmmm.

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