New Camera!

David's family is visiting this week and I decided that I had let enough time go by without a camera. So I called my friend who understands cameras and she took me shopping.

We are now the owners of a Panasonic Lumix and none of our children will get to use it. If it remains unscathed, I am able to return it for up to two weeks, if I decide that I don't like it much.

To celebrate, here is a photo of David, Peter, and our new, non-smelly freezer (new as in brand new from Sears).

Also, here is a picture of my new, slightly messy sewing space. (I thought about waiting until my sewing space was super-tidy to post a photo, but that may not happen any day soon.)


Julia said…
Ohhhh I'm jealous! I need a new camera! A new freezer, too?! Your sewing space looks great. I love the windows.
doris said…
yay camera! and such nice lighting in your new sewing space. my space is never all the way neat and tidy. guess that's good since it proves i use it!
Sabrina/Ryan said…
hey! craziness here with the beginning of school and ireland's developmental spurt, but wanted to say hey and happy belated birthday. would love to see you sometime in this decade! love, sabrina
Roberta said…
I have the Panasonic Lumix 12.1 MP camera!! I'm pretty impressed with it's picture quality!!

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