Knit dresses for me and the girls

On Wednesday this week I traced off this Jalie pattern to make a top for myself, thinking that I had enough fabric left over from another shirt (that didn't work out). Alas, I did not have enough fabric. I probably did have enough of the black with white and grey circles left over, but thought it would be odd and noticeable if I had two shirts in the same print.

Then I got to thinking that this shirt would make a good bodice for a dress. I could try to add a full skirt to make a dress for me and tiers of fabric to make spinny dresses for the girls. Surprisingly no one on Pattern Review has posted a review doing this. We shall see how it goes.

And here's a funny thing. I measured both of the girls so I would know which sizes to trace. Fortunately, I'm in no great hurry as I do not have enough fabric (and Lucy has plenty of knit dresses for fall), unlike Kristy. But I did come to a conclusion surprisingly similar to Kristy's.

Check this out:
Lucy (age 4): bust 49; waist 47; hips 51; arm length 34; back neck to waist 23
Clara (age 2): bust 47; waist 47; hips 51.5; arm length 29; back neck to waist 23
Jalie (size F/2): bust 53; waist 51; hips 56; (no other measurements given)

I measured in centimeters since that is how Jalie patterns are designed. Both of my girls measure smaller than the smallest size given and they only significantly differ from each other in arm length.


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