Jalie 2795

Here is the progress on Peter's hoodie. On Saturday, he and I pinned most of the pattern pieces in place and I traced and cut them. My blue chalk works very well on this red cotton sweatshirting.

This afternoon, we pinned and I traced and cut the last pieces. Or so I thought. I'm very glad I laid them all out for this picture, because I then stacked them all up in order and realized that I hadn't noticed that I needed to cut two of one piece (on the fold). I think I have enough fabric to do it tonight.

But it's no wonder that I missed something. Do you see all these pieces? And each one has a second one underneath it (or it is cut on the fold). Let me tell you cotton sweatshirting is not the easiest thing to cut through - especially across the grain. I'm glad that's (almost) done.


julia said…
It looks like a big project to me!

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