Burda 06-2009-114 Fleece Jacket

I have some progress to report on my fleece jacket. To review, I am making this jacket (adding length), but instead of using sweatshirting, I am using fleece.

Here are photos of the front and back on me. I need to thread trace the center front lines and then check the fit. The front looks a little boxy and loose in the photo (but then again, I am a little boxy in the front...)

Now since this is an unlined, casual jacket, I am wondering how to finish the seams. I do not have a serger, but I could overcast the edges with a zig zag stitch. I could also give them a Hong Kong finish (although that seems like a lot of work). I still have to select a lining fabric for the pockets, so I could choose something that I could use to finish the seam allowances.

Center back seam with darts on either side

Sewists! I need opinions and advice here!

Here is what Clara decided to do at the water park on Tuesday (when she wasn't filling her shoe with water and then drinking it).


julia said…
I don't think you need to finish the seams on fleece. It won't ravel. I think any finish would add bulk. Your daughter is too adorable!
LaKaribane said…
I think for esthetics alone you could faux Hong Kong with hem tape or strips of poly lining. Something thin to prevent the bulk issues.
doris said…
i have no sewing opinions. (i have no sewing skills). :D

but i do have kid opinions! the little bit is adorable! :D
j.kaori said…
Your video of Clara is so cute! Thank you for sharing it! Your jacket looks nice. You probably don't need to finish the seams for that type of fabric, but a Hong Kong finish with the lining fabric (if thin) would look very cool and give it a finished look. Zig-zag with a colorful thread that matches the lining fabric as an accent would work too, as you mentioned.

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