Jalie 2795

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Here is the progress on Peter's hoodie. On Saturday, he and I pinned most of the pattern pieces in place and I traced and cut them. My blue chalk works very well on this red cotton sweatshirting.

This afternoon, we pinned and I traced and cut the last pieces. Or so I thought. I'm very glad I laid them all out for this picture, because I then stacked them all up in order and realized that I hadn't noticed that I needed to cut two of one piece (on the fold). I think I have enough fabric to do it tonight.

But it's no wonder that I missed something. Do you see all these pieces? And each one has a second one underneath it (or it is cut on the fold). Let me tell you cotton sweatshirting is not the easiest thing to cut through - especially across the grain. I'm glad that's (almost) done.

Burda 06-2009-114 Fleece Jacket

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I have some progress to report on my fleece jacket. To review, I am making this jacket (adding length), but instead of using sweatshirting, I am using fleece.

Here are photos of the front and back on me. I need to thread trace the center front lines and then check the fit. The front looks a little boxy and loose in the photo (but then again, I am a little boxy in the front...)

Now since this is an unlined, casual jacket, I am wondering how to finish the seams. I do not have a serger, but I could overcast the edges with a zig zag stitch. I could also give them a Hong Kong finish (although that seems like a lot of work). I still have to select a lining fabric for the pockets, so I could choose something that I could use to finish the seam allowances.

Center back seam with darts on either side

Sewists! I need opinions and advice here!

Here is what Clara decided to do at the water park on Tuesday (when she wasn't filling her shoe with water and then drinking it).

New Camera!

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David's family is visiting this week and I decided that I had let enough time go by without a camera. So I called my friend who understands cameras and she took me shopping.

We are now the owners of a Panasonic Lumix and none of our children will get to use it. If it remains unscathed, I am able to return it for up to two weeks, if I decide that I don't like it much.

To celebrate, here is a photo of David, Peter, and our new, non-smelly freezer (new as in brand new from Sears).

Also, here is a picture of my new, slightly messy sewing space. (I thought about waiting until my sewing space was super-tidy to post a photo, but that may not happen any day soon.)

Knit dresses for me and the girls

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On Wednesday this week I traced off this Jalie pattern to make a top for myself, thinking that I had enough fabric left over from another shirt (that didn't work out). Alas, I did not have enough fabric. I probably did have enough of the black with white and grey circles left over, but thought it would be odd and noticeable if I had two shirts in the same print.

Then I got to thinking that this shirt would make a good bodice for a dress. I could try to add a full skirt to make a dress for me and tiers of fabric to make spinny dresses for the girls. Surprisingly no one on Pattern Review has posted a review doing this. We shall see how it goes.

And here's a funny thing. I measured both of the girls so I would know which sizes to trace. Fortunately, I'm in no great hurry as I do not have enough fabric (and Lucy has plenty of knit dresses for fall), unlike Kristy. But I did come to a conclusion surprisingly similar to Kristy's.

Check this out:
Lucy (age 4): bust 49; waist 47; hips 51; arm length 34; back neck to waist 23
Clara (age 2): bust 47; waist 47; hips 51.5; arm length 29; back neck to waist 23
Jalie (size F/2): bust 53; waist 51; hips 56; (no other measurements given)

I measured in centimeters since that is how Jalie patterns are designed. Both of my girls measure smaller than the smallest size given and they only significantly differ from each other in arm length.

Still Photoless Update

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Hello all!

I have a sewing area set up now and spent a good chunk of Wednesday working on a fleece blazer. I also traced out a Jalie top to try out, but then discovered that I did not have enough knit fabric left over - so a trip to the fabric store is in order. Bummer. (I mean, twist my arm, right?)

Someday soon I need to investigate digital cameras. We have got to get a new one.

Tonight I tried to watch the season opener of Project Runway, but Lifetime is not available on our housemates' cable company (I'm not all that certain that Lifetime is even available in Canada). I sent a message to the folks at Lifetime to see what they have to say about the matter. But I was seriously disappointed. My housemates have something like 600 channels, but no Lifetime. Boo.

The Square Project


Here's a neat request for money - and a worthwhile cause if you are interested in fashion/clothing construction.

(I have a weak spot for math nerds...)



Sewing withdrawals, that is. I'm starting to get a little twitchy. I do have a shirt to hem, but there's no good place to set up my machine while the kids are awake in our current space.

And one of my beloved children (who has been forgiven and, therefore, shall remain anonymous) dropped our digital camera on its lens. The camera did not survive. I think I'll buy a new one rather than search Craigslist for one.

And the smallish chest freezer we bought from someone on Craigslist smells bad. We have cleaned it all out, but we think it is the insulation in the lid (and the cracked plastic covering said insulation) that is the source of the stink and needs to be replaced.

Spanish Tortillas

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Tonight we made Spanish tortillas using a recipe from Issue 99 of Cook's Illustrated. Oh, my, were they ever good!

Here are photos (sorry they are over exposed, I was in a hurry to not kill anything)...

Peter and Lucy's tortilla. Just eggs, potatoes and onions(don't tell them about the onions - they don't know).

Clara's, David's, and my tortilla before I attempted to flip it...

...and after the flip and slide back into the pan. If you look closely, you can see where it broke and got churned up... about 4 o'clock on the pan.

And a parting shot from Monday's trip to the Abbotsford Agrifair. This is what my super-feminine fashionista Lucy looks like while eating a chocolate ice cream cone. It's a good reminder that she is only four and a half years old after all.

Peach Cobbler


I was inspired by Little Hunting Creek's sour cherry cake. I had four very ripe peaches and a little time this morning. I totally winged the fruit filling part - next time I'll use a little cornstarch to thicken the juice. I used my trusty Better Homes and Gardens cookbook for the biscuity topping.

This might be the first baked fruit dessert I've ever made. It turned out very well. And two of my three children ate it. Hooray for summer!