Tracing Day

This week Peter has been going to a day camp at A Rocha Canada with several neighbourhood friends. Today was my day to drive the van load of children there and back. I stayed through the morning because it's about 100 km round trip.

But what to do for several hours on a farm/environmental education site? Well, not being an outdoorsy person myself, I opted to bring several Burda magazines and all of my tracing gear. I got two patterns traced, cut, and labeled in 2.5 hours and was about to start on a third, but I realized that I didn't have Lucy's measurements, so I stopped. The folks who live on site welcomed me to use a section of their floor in their lounge to trace. (They were all about supporting my desire to not burn needless fossil fuel - good conservationists that they are.)

So, I have the knitwear blazer (Burda 06-2009-114) and a bubble-sleeved knit top (Burda 02-2009-118) traced and ready to tissue fit. Hooray! (I don't know if I will get any actual sewing done before we move, but it's nice to have things ready to roll.)


Michael said…
Time to start a sewing component to that conservation group!

Nice work, neighbourhood gal!

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