Quick Photoless Update

Everyone is better. Lucy is back to eating almost regularly and work is under way to go on our camping trip this week (just two nights). Looks like it will rain.

Sewing today consisted of covering a couple of throw pillows with pieces of old t-shirts and then making pillow cases out of other old t-shirts for camping pillows for Peter and Lucy. (Two pillows covered and cased for $12.) I also cut egg-crate like foam into kid-sized sleeping mats (double thickness) and covered all three using pieces of a king-size flat sheet. (Three thick kid-size sleeping mats for $40.)

The pillows weren't cheap, really, but I have lots of scraps left over to make other little things. What can I say? Value Village just isn't dirt cheap here, but it is open late on Saturday night.


doris said…
glad everyone's better!

happy camping!

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