Moving Monday.

Three days until we move ourselves and the stuff we use everyday.

The rest of the stuff will wait until the tenants on the main floor of our future home move out (Aug 15 at the latest).

I have packed up almost all of my sewing room. (I need one box larger than the variety found at the liquor store.) Tonight I will dismantle my sewing table. One Rubbermaid bin of fabric with plans and current projects, one set of three plastic drawers with basic sewing tools, one tin of thread and bobbins, the iron, the ironing board, the cardboard cutting board, and my sewing machine will go in the first move. The other three Rubbermaid bins of fabric, scraps, and interfacing, the two boxes of patterns and sewing/fashion books, the other set of three plastic drawers of sewing notions, the rotary cutting mat, the box yet to be packed, and the table will stay.

Goodness! I have really expanded my sewing gear and fabric collection. Nature abhors a vacuum, I guess.


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