RTW Top Copied!

I have been wanting to do this for a long time. On Monday I had thought about it enough, I guess. Inspiration hit. I dug through my fabric stash for a remnant that would be suitable for a muslin and away I went!

Here is the old top on me. It is one of my favourites. I bought about four years ago it at a local shop called Paranada. The fabric is a factory pin-tucked cotton and the garment is cut on the bias. It looks like a halter, but the back has a T shape. You can probably can see it is a bit too small around and a bit too short.

But I love wearing it. I love that it is comfortable and that the fabric skims over my belly without clinging. I feel more "dressed" when I wear this top because the fabric is woven, not knit. There fore, this seemed like a good candidate for my first RTW copy attempt.

Because this top is so simple, I just laid it out (folded) on pieces of tissue and traced around it. I did have to move the top around a bit as I was tracing it to get the fabric to lie flat, but this worked just fine.

Essentially this top has four elements: the front (cut on the fold), the back (with a center back seam), bias tape (to finish the neck and arms), and thread (to hold it all together!). I added 1/4" to the side seams on both the front and back, since I knew it needed to be a bit larger.

My muslin fabric is a remnant of unknown fabric content. I had previously used the fabric for a curtain (which didn't turn out well, because this fabric is too drapey). I barely had enough to make the top. In fact, I had to sew a scrap to the last bit of the fabric just to have enough room to cut out one of the back pieces. You can see that in one of the pictures below.

The initial stitching together turned out pretty well. I wanted the neckline lower, so I carved a bit more out there. I also wanted to try the bias tape finishing, just to work out any kinks there, so I went ahead and finished the garment.

The bias tape is leftover home made from a batiked quilting cotton. I didn't have quite enough to finish it the way the RTW top was finished (at the back of the neck), but it doesn't show, and I know what to do for the next time.

Here is the finished top on. I like it a lot! I even think the colour is okay on me. I may wear it tomorrow!

Now, I probably could add another 1/4" to the side seams at the bust to give a bit more room. When I make this top again, I will remember to staystitch the edges to keep them from stretching.

On the whole I'd call this first attempt at copying RTW a success!


KM said…
nice work! and the color looks great on you.
I love being able to give new life to beloved garments!
Lindsay T said…
Nice job! I'll be doing this same thing with a tank top my daughter wants copied.
doris said…
wow! the girl has skillz! love the way it flairs just a tiny bit at the hip.
Anonymous said…
Umm...RTW? What is that? Careful with the lingo, you'll start to sound like Michael and Nathan :)

RTW = Ready To Wear

Sorry, Cat. ;)

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