No Sewing Wednesday

Wednesday is usually my sewing day. David stays home with the kids and I get things done that I can't or don't like to get done with them about.

I have two or three more garments that I intend to make, but we are preparing to move in seven weeks, two of the three items are jackets/coats (which I have never done before), I am waiting for the four Jalie patterns I ordered to arrive, and we are going away this weekend and camping in a couple of weeks and we need sleeping gear. So my plan for today didn't involve sewing from the start.

I planned to run around town buying sleeping bags and foam/mats for the kids and us. And maybe getting together with my friend who has recently adopted a 10 month old.

Then around 7 this morning I got sick. And continued to stay sick all day, despite taking medicine and eating a banana and a few crackers. Fortunately, David is already home today - he is not technically missing work , so I don't have to feel bad about him getting even farther behind.

I have spent the day lying in bed with my computer. What a blessing it is to be able to read! I have cruised the internet to my heart's delight. Here are some new things I have found.

First off I have been looking for a simple knit shorts pattern to use for summer PJs and maybe jogging. The trouble is that I really don't want to purchase another pattern. (And I hadn't found anything that I really like.) Enter Threadbanger

OK, so I am NOT in my teens or twenties. I am not punk or anything similar. But I am totally caught by the simplicity and the recycling of it. I wonder if they would work. It wouldn't hurt to try.

And speaking of not being in my teens or twenties anymore (and thus, not being able to wear just anything anymore) I stumbled upon MyShape, a website that has you put in your measurements (fairly detailed measurements) and then diagnoses your body shape and makes suggestions for clothing that will suit your body. You also are asked for your style preferences and fiber preferences. I have sent Lucy downstairs to find my measuring tape so that I can find out if the suggestions seem reasonable.

More later, hopefully.

Later--- Clara started vomiting this afternoon and has continued to do so about every 10-20 minutes since.
I did manage to take most of the myriad of measurements requested by myshape, and the result is (drumroll) my shape is an H. No surprise there. I do like many of the items they have suggested for an H, so it proves its worth as a tool to help select patterns to sew.

Still later--- Clara appears to have stopped vomiting for a while. I need to actually sleep, but I might see if I can convince David to warm up some rice for me first. In between rounds of vomiting I stumbled upon another great sewing blog! It's called jules' stitchin'. Check it out!


doris said…
hope you guys are feeling better today!

the threadbanger episode . . . i just watched the whole thing with my mouth hanging open in wonder . . . who knew 20 something guys were up to such?
I know! I think it's pretty exciting.

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