A Kid Post - Photos and a Rap

Yesterday, Lucy and I went to the Car-Free Vancouver Day Festival in our neighbourhood. We came back with a $5 silk skirt to make into a halter dress (for her) and a pink straw cowboy hat.

Here you also see the belt Lucy fashioned a few days ago
using my measuring tape and a purple butterfly hairclip.

Then Peter decided that he wanted to go too just to get his face painted.

I took photos of both, then Clara wanted me to take a picture of her, too.

I was checking my email and my brother sent me a link that I want to share with you all (because I am such a proud Aunt). My nephew wrote a rap on the eleven systems of the human body. My brother helped him polish it and played the music for it. They recorded it and stuck it on a web page. My nephew's school posted it on their website as well! Really, truly cool for a 7th grader. Here's the rap on it's own page. And here it is on the school's web page (about mid-way down on the right).


Anonymous said…
Oh my! Lucy looks like a little model. They all look so old, and beautiful.Love,

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