Instant Gratification!

Due to technical difficulties, I haven't been able to post (or review) the top that I made last Wednesday. Here it is... Jalie 2682

I tried cutting it a bit smaller this time, but it appears to be hugging my belly chub in a way that I don't like, so I think next time I'll move up a size. I will also add a bit to the bottom edge of the center front of the bodice to get the seam to look more like an empire waist (although my fabric choice may be playing a part here, too - it doesn't have the vertical stretch called for).

But overall, it is comfortable and QUICK! It is perfect for Vancouver where it usually isn't crazy hot so the double layer on the top is welcome. One of my friends said, "I like it. It's sleeveless, but it doesn't look like you are wearing your underwear out in public."


I finished my next garment today and I plan to wear it tomorrow. Here's a sneak peek!


I like the Jalie patterns - they aren't too low cute and they make great tops. They understand knits.
This looks cute on you
doris said…
can't wait to see the orange one. love that piping.
Ooooh, love that orange eyelet and contrast piping. Want to see more!

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