BWOF 05-2009-114

Done and wearing it currently!

This dress was totally slapdash as I forgot to get a few basic things like MATCHING THREAD. Silly.

Anyway, here are the photos. They aren't great (but really, none of my photos are great), because it's hard to see the details. I'll go post a review over at Pattern Review shortly.

Looking at the photos I realize that the neckline isn't quite doing what I imagine it is doing. Maybe this is because the elastic in the sleeve hems is too tight and is creeping up my bicep. I also realize that I need some dress-appropriate sandals.


It looks great on you - nice color too
Amy said…
I like it...and I think the shoes look super cute with the dress.
Love that color! I think the shoes are cute. I love red with turquoise.

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