BWOF 05-2007-124

Hooray! My spaghetti strap dress is finished and I am wearing it currently!

(Note the lapped zipper (my first)!
I fussed and fussed with an invisible zipper which I finally got inserted,
only to have it break when I was trying to zip it past the piping.)

It's great and I love it! It's comfortable (which I hadn't expected). I guess that's the difference when you can make something to fit yourself. (It also helps that I have a comfortable strapless bra - there's something to be said for undergarments that fit well, too.)

I need to thank Carolyn of Diary of a Sewing Fanatic for sending me my very first copy of BWOF (Burda now has this pattern in their envelope collection, too). I do enjoy winning a giveaway!

The pink/coral eyelet is an Anne Klein fabric that I bought at Josephine's Dry Goods in Portland Oregon. The linig fabric is a cotton batiste from Mill End in Portland. Hooray for the PR Weekend! The piping is a Michael Miller quilting cotton purchased here at Dressew. (By the way I have PILES of bias tape made from this quilting cotton because I overestimated how much fabric I would need. If anyone is interested in it, I'll measure it.)


Shannon said…
Pretty dress - I love that colour! The piping really makes this dress special!
This is a very pretty dress and the lapped zipper works! So glad you are making use of that BWOF!
Lindsay T said…
This is adorable on you! You did a great job.
Anonymous said…
Too, too cute. And I love the color--go pink (I'm sure that Lucy is a big fan too:)
Thanks y'all! Lucy actually was very sad when I put it on because she wants me to make HER a dress!
doris said…
Amber said…
Oh my goodness I'm in awe of your sewing skills! Great job - the zipper looks fantastic.
JD said…
make me a dress!?!?! i am so jealous that you can do this!!!

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