One More Thing Before I Go...

A little friend of ours is turning four. Lucy suggested that we make him a superhero cape. (I have made three other dress-up capes for little friends turning four, but this one takes the cake.) Our little friend's name begins with a T.

Here is Lucy modeling the reversible dress-up cape. One side is "Knights in Shining Armor" and the other side is "Superhero/Spaceman". Everyone had artistic input - particularly on the Superhero/Spaceman side. Many opinions on design and colour choice were given and considered.

Here is a close-up of the collar piece. I shamelessly copied the collar from one of the dress-up capes at our local drop-in centre.

I like to try new sewing techniques or fabrics whenever I can - particularly when I am revisiting something I have done in the past. There were many new things on this cape: I used princess satin, panne velvet, tissue lame, and foil. I used Wonder Under to help place the appliques. I used metalic thread and a metalic thread needle to stitch the gold and silver letters in place. And last (but not least) I used piping.

This was a very fun project and I am glad Lucy had the idea.


Esbee said…

Anytime you want to make one of those and send it thisaway, I know a six year old who would willingly go into spasms for one, especially if it involved purple.
Very cute! Love the lightning bolt logo.
doris said…
dang cute. you should sell those at the next craft fair.

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