My Boy is Six

Six years ago my life completely changed.

About a week old

Six years old

It's crazy, but good.

Happy Birthday, Peter!

The happy little cake eaters...

And Clara thinks Peter is a jolly good fellow...


This week, in addition to turning six, Peter was in his school's original production, Stories of the Water Project. There's a short video here describing the project.

Below are photos from the finale - an entire school number. I love large groups of small children trying to stay focused on singing. I've blurred out the faces a bit, but you can still see how much random activity is happening. Itchy knees, shirt tags needing to be fixed, etc. Of course Peter noticed the flash and shot me a look.


doris said…
happy birthday peter!!!!!!
Michael said…
Hooray for Peter!!! Well done, six years and some blurry classmates.

And good singing Clara and Lucy.

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