I want to SWAP

SWAP means Sew With A Plan. Basically, make a few items that go together and be coordinated to make different outfits.

I need to do more pattern research, but I am thinking that I would like to make:

  • a pair of skinny capris (stretch woven -I don't know that I am ready to make pants yet)
  • a tunic or two (in an airy woven material and an airy knit)
  • a knit dress (with ruching across the abdomen - I know I've seen one somewhere)
  • a couple of knit sleeveless tops
  • a trumpet skirt (I have Simplicity 5914 as does my slapdash hero)
  • and a jacket (something soft like a hoodie, but with edgy structure - perhaps motorcycle or military styling)
  • and maybe a couple pair of capri-length leggings (or I could just buy those somewhere).

(Of course, this list would take me nearly a year to finish at my current rate of sewing, but I like having Big Plans.)

As for colours, I think I would like to use both a coral and an aqua and perhaps a couple of neutrals like charcoal grey and honey brown (although I'm not certain that a honey brown would go with coral and aqua). I think these colours look good on me.

Anyway, I am heading to the Pattern Review Weekend in Portland (land of no sales tax) and will have the opportunity to shop for fabric, so I want to have some sort of plan before I come home with loads of crazy stuff.

All thoughts are appreciated. (I love comments!)

Oh and in the midst of all of my looking around at patterns online I found this coat pattern from Hot Patterns. Very nice.


Anonymous said…
I love that you linked to Big Plans!
There are two good patterns with waistline ruching that I've made, the extremely popular Simplicity 3775 and McCall 5752. I also have Butterick 5243 on my project list.

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