Buttonhole Trickiness

I had a few minutes today to try out some test buttonholes on the embroidered cotton I am making into BWOF 05-2009-114. The buttonholes are in the bodice and are the exit points for the drawstring that snugs in the empire waist.

Of course, my machine and button-hole foot did not like the embroidered cotton that I was working on. As you can see below, the machine had a lot of trouble feeding the fabric through and I was trying to help it along, but inevitably, it would skip a section.

Then I tried making the button hole without using the button hole foot. I put tissue paper between the fabric and the feed dogs. This worked pretty well, except that my sides of the button hole overlapped a tad so the stitches ripped when I tried to cut open the hole.

I was about to struggle with the previous method since it resulted in a skip-free buttonhole, but then I had an inspiration. Why not try putting tissue paper between the feed dogs and the fabric AND between the fabric and the buttonhole foot? This worked brilliantly.

In the photo below, you can see (kind-of) that the tissue is attached to both sides of the fabric.

Now I just need to make a template for the two buttonholes on tissue paper, pin it into the correct position on the bodice, stick a piece of tissue under the fabric and let'er rip! Yay!


Lindsay T said…
Grr, buttonholes. If it's important I get them right I have them made in the city for $1 per buttonhole. So worth it.

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