Another Jalie Top!

I got another top sewn yesterday. Hooray! I tried making the front neckline a bit smaller and I attached a piece of clear elastic about 1/2 inch shorter than the length of the front neckband to try to snug it up. I think it worked. I know my sewing is better on this second attempt at knits.


I thought I would also show the dessert I made for Peter's birthday party.

Dirt cups!

They are small plastic wine glasses with a few chunks of leftover chocolate cake in the bottom, covered with chocolate pudding, sprinkled with crumbled Oreos,
and decorated with a gummy worm shaped into a 6.
The kids thought they were great!


KM said…
The shirt looks fabulous!
I am a HUGE fan of clear elastic for adding the final touch needed to fit a neckline. The dirt cups look yum!
doris said…
awesome! (and i'm giggling that you had your glamourshot taken in front of preschool art two days running).

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