Sewing Success!! Jalie 2794

Hooray! I tried out my new Jalie pattern today. It's been reviewed by more than 30 people over at Pattern Review, and it is worth it! This went together so quickly and looks so nice. I'm going to make several, I think.

Here are two photos. Pardon the lighting and my tired-looking self. The fabric is from a remnant bin and is super thin. I would like to buy a more sumptuous knit and try it again. I still have to hem the sleeves and the bottom and fix the front band so that the seam allowance lies flat. But LOOK!!

I love it! Hooray, hooray, hooray!


Esbee said…
1. I'm wildly impressed.

2. And I think you look lovely.

That T shirt is really cute and looks great on you. Make more :)
That came out really cute! Congratulations!
doris said…
Wow Sarah! That's really awesome!
Anonymous said…
Sarah, It looks great! I am impressed! Sewing is something I never had the patience for. Keep it up!

Anonymous said…
Very nice. You are becoming a pro. And I'll be able to say, "I knew her when..." "I remember when she bought her first fancy-circular-cutting device..."

Thanks for the emergency advice last a couple weeks ago. Ian is fine now.

Love to all,
Anonymous said…

It looks fantastic!

I think it would look great with 3/4 sleeves too - maybe 3/4 length bell sleeves for something more dressy...


- robin

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