Teeth, Bikes, and Pattern Alterations... An Update

Peter lost his second tooth on Friday. Here he is showing off his gap and the gifts he received from the Tooth Fairy. Pardon the pained expression on his face. He is at the age where he almost can't smile naturally when he knows a camera is pointed at him. I swear I wasn't pinching him.

Peter and Lucy have loved my copy of The Boxcar Children almost to death (well, the spine is still holding up, but the paperback cover has nearly disintegrated), so in conference with the Tooth Fairy - you can arrange meetings with her; she is more than happy to work within each family's ideology and general parenting preferences - we came to the conclusion that this series would be Peter's tooth gifts.


Earlier last week Lucy learned to ride her bike! She just turned four and is now a fairly decent cyclist. She still has a little trouble starting and she is not strong on hills, but she is generally fairly reliable with few falls. You can tell she feels really good about this accomplishment. Here are a couple of blurry videos of her riding on our sidewalk.


On Wednesday I finished off my list of things to do on the blue shirtdress from my previous post. Here are pictures of my attempts to do a full bust adjustment and move the horizontal dart. I had a hard time with this because neither of the darts actually pointed at the bust point (the circle with cross hairs near the center) and because my bust point didn't match the pattern's. I decided to mark my own bust point (shown in green painter's tape that's been split) and redraft the dart and then do the FBA.

Here you will see my improvisation on a work surface that can be pinned. I don't have a cardboard cutting board or table, but found an old cork board (bulletin board) in our junk room and laid it on my sewing table. It worked perfectly for something this size.

Here are the final altered pattern pieces. The redrawn horizontal dart is in dark green. I decided to eliminate the vertical darts since I needed a bit more girth at the waist (I still had to add tissue to the side seams).

As it stands now, I have removed my sleeves from the old bodice and have removed the gathering stitches at the tops of the sleeve caps. I need to re-stitch the gathering stitches, then pin and baste and stitch the sleeves into the new bodice. Then I can get on with the rest of the construction.


Oh, and this post is number 96 for Thoughts From the Second Floor. I plan to host a giveaway when I reach 100 posts. Stay tuned!


Sabrina/Ryan said…
I hate it when my bust points are off.

In other news, I can't believe Lucy is so adept at her bike riding! That seems really amazing for a not quite 4 year old! And I love the tooth fairy gifts. Way to go, TF.
Congratulations o the new tooth and on doing your first FBA. Now all the rest will be easy, right? :)
doris said…
your tooth fairy is much more on the ball than mine!

yay for the fba! sew sew sew!

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