Post #98; Disappointment with the Dress

I finished quite a bit on the shirtdress. All that remains are the buttonholes and buttons and the hem. I tried it on last night and it is just unflattering. That and I can't raise my arms much at all.

I would never wear it. Bleh.

I worked so hard on the dress, but since I am doing this alone and I am so new at garment sewing, I didn't know how to tell in advance that this just wasn't going to be flattering.

Here are some photos.

I just feel wide and lumpy across the middle. Well, to be honest, I am wider and lumpier across the middle. I also have no hips to help make my middle appear less wide and lumpy. I should have realized that a style that looked good on me way back when I was wearing dresses regularly before (that's three pregnancies ago) would not necessarily look good on me now.

Anyway, my plan now is to cut the skirt off of the bodice, add a waistband, buttonholes, buttons, and a hem to make a functional skirt.

I am going to save the bodice for comparing to other garments later and to remind myself that I can sew well - I mean, just look at my first attempt at a notched collar! (The one bright spot in this entire escapade.)

Oh, and this is post #98, for those of you waiting with baited breath for the giveaway on post #100.


moggy said…
Well done on the collar - I've made that dress a couple of times and it is a really tricky one to get right!

I've made it in patterned fabrics, which makes it a bit more spiffy. Also, have you tried a wider belt - something a bit obi-like perhaps?
KM said…
I'm very impressed! And I think you are being too hard on yourself abt how it looks. I agree that you should give it another chance with a wider belt.
Amy said…
I like it and very impressed with your beginner shot at garment sewing. A wider belt might make it better for you, but I think you look quite hip.
Lindsay T said…
I don't think it looks bad on you at all! Seriously. I say put it in the closet for a bit, then try it on again. You may be surprised. I like it.
Try it with a different belt and see if you like it then - it really does look nice on you!
Elizabeth said…
It looks better than you give it credit. But I think it looks to big through the waist, under the bust. I would make the darts deeper. But a little tip- the end of the dart should be 1" from the bust apex. I made that mistake when I was learning to sew. It makes a big difference in how it will look. If the arms holes are tight. The armscye is to low.The armscye should be high (about 1 to 2.5 cm under your armpit). In this case you also need a high and rounded sleeve cap to ensure that you can move your arms freely.
If the armscye is not high enough you will pull up your garment each time you lift your arms.
Hope that helps some. It's an amazing early attempt. Bravo
Bunny Whisperer said…
I just found your blog - love it! Ok, about the dress. I'm not sure you should take it apart. Add a wide belt and vintagey brooch and you're good to go. But if you'd never wear it, that's that.

Where did you find the bird fabric? Saw it on Picasa.
Randy said…
i think that dress looks cool. You're doin' a good job sis!
BeeBee said…
What if you made it sleeveless? I have the same issue, a lot, with moving in this style garment, whether its a shirt or jacket or dress. I think it looks nice, but I truly understand if it's uncomfortable.

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