It's Time for a Winner!!

Congratulations, Michael/Catherine!

Since I only had three participants in my giveaway, I actually used the playground favourite, "Eenie, meenie, miney mo" to choose a winner.

I will hem up the handkerchiefs and send them to you - hopefully by mid-April!

Tomorrow is David's 44th birthday and he has agreed to have a party. Next Sunday Clara turns two and will also have a party. Tonight I have a headache and need to trundle off to bed. Good night everyone!


Michael said…
Woo hoo! We beat out Julio. That is a relief! Thanks very much!! I've been getting into the habit of carrying one with me most of the time, so these will be a welcome addition.

You could just send them to your address with our name on them and they should get forwarded here, which would be cheaper than mailing them here.
doris said…
happy birthday david and clara!!
Sabrina/Ryan said…
happy belated birthday at this point, but good wishes all the same!


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