It's my 100th Post! Time for a Little Giveaway!

So, as promised, I am having a little giveaway in honor of my 100th post.

One person (anywhere in the world) will receive a set of 6 handkerchiefs in their choice of fabric:

On the left, an orange, pink, and pale green stripe cotton lawn. On the right, a plain white cotton, just a tad thicker than the lawn.

Details: Leave a comment with your choice of fabric and make sure I have some way to get in touch with you. You may leave a comment from now until Friday 20 March 2009 at 9 PM Pacific Time. At that point I will figure out a way to randomly select a winner, post that winner's name and fabric selection, and contact that winner to acquire their address. (Friends and family are welcome to participate.)


So, now on to sewing news... this morning I experimented with a too-big t-shirt. Previously, I had taken in the sides and sleeve. Today I pinned in a dart on one shoulder (to move the shoulder seam over) and changed the neckline.

I'm pretty pleased with how this is turning out, so I think I will add a dart to the other shoulder and then do something under the bust - I'm not sure what, though.


Nova0437 said…
I would like to enter for the white, please.
Chris and Tiana said…
Did I make it in time? I never win anything, so I'm giving it a try :) I don't care which fabric, but the orange is pretty.

Have I told you how much Clara Beth loves her bunny carrier? She wears it all over the place and I can't tell you how many comments I've gotten about that being the cutest thing someone has ever seen. She always says she wants to wear her "bunny backpack" so the other kids can't take her bunny away. She loves it!

Oh, my email address is, or of course you know my blog address.
Michael said…
Orange and pink.

I, having lived with you during your "hanky" phase, know that this prize is a true exercise in sacrifice for you. Finicky.

The dress, btw, is not as unfaltering as you think (you are your own worst critic!), and you should hold onto it for a while before you start cutting it up. And the notched collar is great.

Love you,
Anonymous said…
Um, I just found this blog doing a google search for "win something just by reading a blog." Wow, I'd love to win a handkerchief. Send it my way!!! I live in Antarctica, just come on by and ask for Julio.

Definitely orange, because you can't see anything white here. Seriously, it would totally blend in and I'd lose it. But handkerchiefs are very useful. Do you have any with penguins on them? I love penguins, but they don't like to have you wipe your nose on them.

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