It's Been a While...

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Hopefully I will get to sew tomorrow (Wednesday is David's day with the kids so I can do things).

My big plan is to first set in the other sleeve, then attach the skirt to the bodice and figure out how to finish the seam at the waistline, if all goes smoothly, then I'll get the button bands and facings attached, too. But, realistically, I will not.

Tomorrow I also have to drop Peter off at school, attend a meeting about my volunteer work, do my volunteer work, and attend Peter's parent-teacher conference (where I intend to express my concern to Peter's PE teacher - also the vice principal - regarding her teaching methods in PE). All of that probably won't leave much time for sewing.

Why haven't I managed to touch my dress in the last two weeks, you ask? Well any number of reasons, but primarily the three short people I am responsible for. David and I also celebrated our 10th wedding anniversary last weekend and folks came to the house to knock out a wall in the basement, which involved my sealing off my sewing room so as not to get the fabrics covered in drywall dust. There have also been playdates aplenty this past weekend and the one previous.

I love little children, but I just can't sew around them. They are always touching something sharp or attempting to turn my clear ruler into a sword or pulling on the cord of the iron (which is a ridiculously dangerous object - I don't know why more murder mysteries don't involve irons - heavy, pointed, hot, electrical, cord for strangling, etc). You get the picture. It's hard to keep my concentration when one or more of my kids wants to "watch " me sew.

Anyway, I'm off to research current PE teaching practices and ways to finish a waistline seam on an unlined shirtdress.

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I would so read that sewing-related murder mystery novel! It was Miss N in the sewing room, with the iron! No one messes with Miss N's stash!

Yeah, wasn't there something about prizes mentioned in a recent post to look forward to with the 100th post and all?!?!? I guess 10 years of wedded bliss comes first...


Only one of my little creatures is mobile, and her favorite past time is picking up pins from the carpet in the sewing studio - lucky me! I still don't like sewing around her as I worry that using the machine makes it seem attractive to her, and the aforementioned murder mystery weapon (hot iron!). Hee.