Wide Leg Lounge Pants

I am working on Amy Butler's lounge pants made out of that tomato-coloured pinstriped cotton. They are fairly simple and I am changing the design to have an elastic waistband rather than a drawstring. I'm not terribly fond of drawstrings - especially during midnight trips to the washroom.

I am trying to increase my sewing skills, so I am going to try making the outside leg seams flat-felled seams. This is the kind of seam you are likely to find on jeans and button-down shirts. Photos coming soon hopefully!

In other news, today is Lucy's fourth birthday. Today is also a school day for her (Tuesday and Thursday mornings), so she requested that I make cupcakes for a special treat at snack time. She wanted (surprise, surprise) pink cupcakes with pink frosting. She also wanted the number 4 on each one. We delivered them to school this morning. I'll have photos of those later as well.


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