Wide Leg Lounge Pants Finished!

Here they are... my tomato red pinstriped lounge pants! (Yes, I sucked my belly in a little, I do still have my pride.)

So, they wrinkle a bit, but hey, they are cotton pajama pants with an elastic waist! I'm not wearing these to meet Michelle Obama!

Diagonally across the middle there you can barely see my teeny flat-felled seam on the outer seam of the pants. I am quite proud of myself.

I am also lucky that these are wide-legged pants, so I was able to coerce my machine to sew that seam after the inseam and the crotch seam were sewn. (I had to come at it from both directions.) If you want to flat-fell a seam, it should be one of the first construction seams you sew, then it should be smooth sailing (but none of the information I found about flat-felled seams mentioned that).


Anonymous said…
michelle obama would be lucky to have those pants!

- robin

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