Too Hyped up for Bed

Hooray! Today I went to the Central Library with the girls and found Fit for Real People on the shelves! When I had looked online for it a few days ago it was lost or something, so I didn't expect to find it. I have given it a cursory once over today and now I must purchase the book. This is a must-have for my shelves.
I'm so excited about it that I made David sit down and listen politely to me give him an overview. He's a good man.

Also, Pattern Review is having a PR Weekend in Portland, Oregon in May and I am going! Registration costs $80 for the entire weekend and I can stay at my Dad's house (probably - still to be confirmed) and we have enough points on our credit card for a free flight! I will be bringing an empty bag for fabric purchases! And now I must really get one or two of those dresses sewn so that I have some fun things to wear!

Also, as I was cruising through my sewing blogs list, I was drawn in by Betsy Johnson's spring '09 collection linked by Trena at Slapdash Sewist. I love this particular dress. I also just love that Betsy Johnson is not afraid of colour.

OK, maybe I can sleep now.

Oh dear, I didn't turn the computer off in time... I've just found instructions for making your own dress form! (Here and here.)


doris said…
woohoo! party in oregon! so excited for you! :D

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