Revisiting the Bodice of the Shirtdress

After fully inserting the sleeves (I am very proud of myself at how well that went) and then letting the dress sit for a while I think I have probably cut the bodice too small. It's a bit tricky to get into the thing.

Tonight after dinner I sat down with the copy of Fit for Real People that I borrowed from the library. I went over the full bust adjustment directions again and realized that I don't actually know where the center front is on my bodice because I never fitted the tissue with the button band attached.

So here is my new plan:
  • Trace the original size 10 bodice on tissue paper.
  • Mark seam lines on the "new" bodice pattern and on the button band.
  • Pin front band on front.
  • Tissue fit again
  • Check center front alignment
  • Check waistline alignment
  • Check points of darts relative to apex of bust
  • Check amount of design ease (garment bust measurement minus size 10 full bust measurement)
  • Make a full bust adjustment if needed (probably)
  • Move darts if needed (hopefully not)
  • Add width to waistline (decide if vertical darts could simply be removed)
  • Cut a new bodice (I do have enough fabric)
  • Remove sleeves from old bodice and start all over again.


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