Nervous Norvice

That's me.

I have the bodice sewn and I have pin-tested the sleeves, but I am terrified that this is going to be so wonky and without enough ease. It's OK if it is (I keep telling myself), since that's why I bought this less-expensive fabric - but I'm not sure I will know how to fix it or where I went wrong if it doesn't end up fitting. And that, my friends, is not OK.

There's got to be someone here in my neighbourhood who knows enough about sewing garments I can seek help from, but I've no idea who.

Also, it is paining me to view my squishy belly during all of these fittings. I am generally comfortable with my body and have very few body issues - but that's when I am COVERED! I am heading right over to the Vancouver Sun's website to copy down this walk-run routine so I can get my body used to a little exercise.



Anonymous said…

Talk to Jenny Cornish Richardson from the evening service - she went to design school and knows how to sew quite well, I think.

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