My Room and My Stash

A while back the folks over at Sew, Mama, Sew were asking sewists to talk about their stash of fabrics. I thought I would join in the response. I also just cleaned my sewing room last night (in preparation for this dress that I am about to begin sewing) and I thought I would also include photos of my workspace.

Currently, I am in a bit of a transition away from "crafty" things like costumes, tote bags, and baby doll carriers towards garments. I do occasionally buy fabric on impulse, but rarely. I used to be a big sucker for remnants bins, but I have pretty much let go of that. When I do see something that resonates with me I buy at least three yards, sometimes four. That is usually enough to make a dress or long skirt.

I do pre-wash and iron my fabrics because when I find something to make I don't want to have to wait for the fabric to be washed, dried, and ironed. I mostly buy cotton fabrics and other natural fibres.

My fabric stash fits into three large Rubbermaid boxes and another paper case box. The larger pieces (for me that's anything I can make a tote bag out of or larger) are organized by type of fabric. I have fabric scraps organized also - one bag for scraps large enough to make a pocket or patch a knee and one for smaller scraps that are large enough to make a bit of an applique. I keep all of my fusible interfacing scraps together also.

I also have two sets of small plastic drawers - each drawer labeled - and this is where notions are stored.

I think I have a fairly decent stash size. I should probably cull through it every six months or so, but right now, my production level isn't too high and neither is my accumulation level.

This room has a built-in twin bed platform. I can stow my ironing board and fabric stash underneath (as well as larger projects on hold).
I also lay out different projects along the top of the mattress to keep them within sight.

My chair, shelves, and drawer. Details below.

Left to right: The two main fabric stash boxes; Shelves holding my pattern stash, library, and craft sale gear;
Tower of drawers holding small things from scissors to elastic.


doris said…
i want to see the pretties inside those bins!
Anonymous said…
i love your stuffed chair!

it's great!

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