Lucy's Birthday Cake

As I was making plans for Lucy's birthday cake, I was inspired by the rainbow cake I stumbled across in blogland (I think I found a link to that blog on the Apartment Therapy Nursery blog). Of course, Lucy would have none of the rainbow cake - it had to be PINK. So I tried dying the white cake batter in two shades of pink (leaving one part white).

She then agreed to chocolate frosting, so her final cake looked like this:

As you can see in the second picture, the pale pink batter is hardly visible. I should have marbled it a bit by dragging a chopstick through the batter in the pans before baking. The cake was fairly tasty, but I am not terribly imprressed with the white cake recipe in my Better Homes and Gardens Cookbook, but maybe that's because white cake is just like that and I am used to flavoured cakes.

Here is the birthday girl herself after successfully blowing out her four candles.


Michael said…
birthday girl is looking more like her mama in her old age!

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