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of why you are glad you are not me...

My wallet is lost or stolen. It disappeared during Lucy's birthday party. I may have dropped it in the park. We have turned the house inside out looking in all of the usual spots and as many of the unusual spots as we can think of.

No one has made any charges on the credit cards, but I think I will rest better just starting over. So, to that end, we are off to the local driver's license office this morning. I need to go fix my hair.

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Things have to get better, right?

Oh man, that totally sucks. I'm sorry :(

good heavens sarah. mayhaps you should just stay home till the little black cloud moves on . . .

adorable birthday girl!

Thanks, everyone. I'm feeling a lot better about it now. In about a week everything should be back to normal - that and I'll get to go wallet shopping again.

I had been carrying this wallet for nearly 10 years I think. Well, maybe only 8, but still, a long time of consistent wallet usage.

Go buy a new one and the old one will surely turn up immediately!