Hole-y, Would You Look at That?!

Peter lost his first tooth today. Here he is in all of his nearly-six-year-old glory.

He doesn't know it yet, but the tooth fairy has already visited.


And in other news, Thoughts From the Second Floor will soon reach its 100th post.
Shall we have a giveaway in honor of the event? Leave a comment...


Michael said…
Peter looks older, too! Have we only been gone 2 months, or what?

Could you please post the video of Lucy dislodging the tooth?
doris said…
ha! such fun pics! yay peter!

g lost his first at 4.8 yrs. he got his first at 4.8 mos so i guess that makes sense.

the tooth fairy is a bit erratic in our area. the first time she came she left some "fairy girl" coins with a bit of fairy dust. maybe our tooth fairy gets her money overseas? the second time she visited it was very close to christmas she left a stuffed dino. she was actually a few days late on that one. i figure the dino was too heavy for her and she had to recruit a few fairy friends to help her carry it in.

oooh! prize! fun!

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