Birthday Cupcakes!

Here is the last cupcake. They all looked like this and were delicious. The cake was moist and a tad dense, but fabulous for a sturdy little cupcake. We'll see how it works for a full-sized cake this Saturday for Lucy's kid party.

I purchased a can of frosting and dyed it and the cake batter with food colouring. I just haven't been able to successfully make frosting - and we don't eat enough sweets to give me much practice. I also purchased a little tube of red gel to write 4 on each little cake.

She's four now. FOUR. Somehow turning four is such a milestone in a way that two, three, five, and six just aren't. Lucy is a fabulous child. She's smart as a whip and terribly creative. She is brave and clever and a good problem-solver (especially when she is well fed and well rested - but then, aren't we all?).

David worked from home while Clara was napping so I could take Lucy out for something fun. We went to our friend's restaurant, Little Nest and spent our time waiting for our food drawing on the little chalkboards they have (a brilliant idea as opposed to colouring pages - and it seems like it is less work to routinely clean up chalk dust rather than crayon scribbles off furniture). I'm so glad we had that time today.


doris said…
mmmmm cupcakes!

happy birthday lucy!

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