Working on the Skirt!

Hooray! So I finally took a deep breath and cut into my fashion fabric to make this skirt.

I am using a dark teal corduroy for the main fabric and a brown brocade for the accent band at the bottom. I have also decided to use a hot pink lining fabric for the insides of the pockets (not called for by the pattern) and for the waistband/yoke facing.

A couple of months ago I made a muslin of the top part of the skirt and the waistband/yoke out of some corduroy from my stash. I had read that the big 4 companies add a lot of ease to their garments, so I wanted to check. I ended up cutting the waistband in a size 14 (though by their measurements I should be cutting an 18) and redrafted the skirt pieces to take an inch or two off the hips.

Over the two months between the muslin and the actual garment I thought I might like to cut the fabric on the bias, so instead of cutting the front on the fold, I added a seam allowance for a center front seam. This way the corduroy wales make a chevron of sorts in the front.

Currently, all of the pieces are cut out and the skirt pieces are zig-zagged and stitched together and staystitched at the top. The facings are fused to the interfacing and stitched together, and the waistband pieces are stitched together, and-get this - hand basted to the skirt top. I am so proud of myself for doing the hand basting rather than pinning like mad and trying to skip the basting.

I will try to post pictures later...


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