The Tote Bag

Here are the photos of the tote bag I made for my airplane trip. I made this while I still had my hem to finish on my skirt. It was one of those times where I couldn't finish the one project because if I messed it up I wouldn't get anything "accomplished" while if I stalled for a bit and at least made the bag I would certainly get something done. Does anyone else's mind work like this or is it just me?

Front and side view

Loaded with gear

The black and white is home dec fabric from Ikea. The green is a heavy coated ripstop nylon remnant from a local outdoor fabric store.

The fabric from Ikea is very difficult for my machine to sew. I'm not certain why - it isn't super stiff or overly thick, but my machine just doesn't like it.


Lindsay T said…
Really cute tote bag; excellent combination of color and pattern.

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