Photos of the Skirt

Here are the skirt photos I've been promising! And let me say that this is the most fabulous skirt to wear when traveling internationally with a small child by airplane. Erin, of A Dress A Day fame would heartily approve. (I can't find her post about what people should wear on airplanes, otherwise I would link to it.)

The skirt is roomy and has large pockets perfect for holding passports and boarding passes that one must keep ready for any and every interested official. The fabric, being corduroy, has a luxurious feel, but is wildly practical - allowing the wrinkles (and cookie crumbs) to fall away. The brocade border does crank up the fancy notch, but it is nice to have comfortable, useful clothes that are a little on the fancy side (my daughter Lucy would agree).

I wore the skirt paired with this top (in eggplant) only I scrunched up the bottom so that it fell to my hip bone and had a ruched effect over my belly (I have had three kids, you know). I also wore a camisole underneath for modesty's sake.

The skirt does need a little fixing. In my fear of cutting the skirt too small, I made the waist too large. This will be fixed with some wide elastic run through the waistband facing. I suppose I could take apart the center back seam and redo the zipper and all that, but that is so much work that it might never get done.


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