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I went to the fabric store today. This is momentous because I have to have time to myself in order to contemplate and think in a fabric store. On Wednesdays, David stays home to take care of the kids and I have that time to do some volunteer work and whatever else I need or want to do.

So. I picked out fabric for this apron. I tend toward the whimsical and silly/quirky when it comes to crafty things. I just can't get myself as excited about Amy Butler's Midwest Modern as I can these fabrics:

The apron is reversible, so the two prints do not have to coordinate.
Purple vegetables on one side and MARBLES on the other.

I also went hunting for a dress pattern that I liked and found two! The first one that I am going to make is McCall's 4769 I'm thinking View E, but with the longer skirt. I also want to make this one in the sleeveless View B. Here are the fabrics:

The blue is a cotton-poly chambray for View E, the vintage-y flowered is for View B.

The second (and more difficult) dress is Simplicity 3877. I want to make View B out of this darling cotton:

And somewhere in the mix of all of that I want to make Amy Butler's lounge pants out of this cotton:

I'm all excited! If I weren't sick, I'd pull an all-nighter on the apron.


cidell said…
'darling' is the perfect way to describe that fabric!
doris said…
totally digging the purple veggies, and i don't even like purple.

but the first dress pattern is my favorite. especially the middle view. very chic.

glad you got some time to ponder in the fabric store. i'm sure you needed it after the last couple weeks. :D
Anonymous said…
I MUST have something made out of this fabric....

Where did you get it? I LOVE IT!!!!!

- robin

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