The All-Handmade Sale

The All-Handmade Sale that I have been preparing for occurred last night and today. Things went pretty well. I sold nearly half of the items I made. Here are a few pictures of my table...

That's me and my little table. I was supposed to share a long table with another vendor, but one of the tables was broken, so we hunted around for another one. I think this actually worked out better in the long run.

The quilts hanging behind me are not my creations, they were being sold by another vendor who had no wall space. Since I was selling items made from fabric it made a little sense to use my wall space. Unfortunately, none of the quilts sold.

The item hanging from the edge of my table is a Backpack Doll Carrier. Chloe Harold (Lucy's stuffed dog) was kind enough to "model" it for me and allow a few interested children to try it out.

Here are all of the bookmarks I made. I think I ended up with nearly 40 bookmarks and I am glad, because I sold more than 20. These were so fun and simple to make and it was good to have a lower-priced item for people to buy in multiples or for children to buy with their coins. I will definitely make more. And maybe when I receive my darning foot I will add a little free-motion quilting to them to jazz them up a bit.

Here are the art smocks I made. I used Simplicity 3802 as a base, but left off the pockets and changed the closure from ties to a button and loop. These did not sell well. Lying flat, they look like dresses - which I think probably scared off some people. The fabric of the smocks really drew people to the table.

Many people thought the smocks were a good idea to sell and everyone who stopped and looked at them remarked at the quality of the sewing, but then they would just walk away. I don't think I had them priced too high, I think they just didn't look like something a child should get dirty.

I have heard of some product that you can toss in the laundry with fabric to make it water-resistant. I plan to find out how much that costs and maybe give it a go. Perhaps if they are water resistant and if I get a few pictures of my kids wearing them, they will sell better next time.

Here are the Backpack Doll Carriers I made. These sold fairly well, but not so well that I need to make more before my friend who runs a local restaurant throws a craft fair. Hopefully I can sell the rest there.

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doris said…
yay sarah!!! yay pictures!!! :D

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