The Sewing is Done

I finished all of my sewing for the all-handmade sale over the weekend. I have everything packed up and ready to schlep over to the church Friday night. The only things that remain to do are making some signs and dropping by the bank to pick up some money to make change for all of my prospective customers.

I never did take pictures of the art smocks (I still could, I suppose), but I will try to take (and post) pictures of my area at the sale.

I've even already started my next project. I am making a skirt for myself. I've had the pattern and fabric for some time, but this week I made a mock-up or muslin of the waistband and the top part of the skirt to check for fit. As a result, I am going to make a few changes. Most notably, I am going to make the skirt less full and I am going to cut it on the bias. This will give it a nicer drape. I can't remember the pattern number or company right now (though it is one of the Big 4), but I will post a link to that after I take pictures of the fabric and redrafted pattern pieces.


doris said…
pictures! yay! (still waiting for a photo of that tiered skirt . . . ). :D

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