Halloween Costumes

The pictures aren't great as I was scurrying to take them before school. Sorry about that. I really can take lovely pictures when I have more time and cooperative children. Or plants as subject matter.

This is Lucy as Wendy (from Peter Pan).

And Peter as Captain Hook.

And Clara in her butterfly suit.

I had fun making the costumes (or parts of costumes). It's a chance for me to be both creative and slap-dash in my sewing techniques; all of the fun and challenge of problem solving without any of the stress of making something correctly.

Lucy's is actually a full-on garment made from a pattern. This was quite a confidence-booster for me. I have learned enough now to know when to check for fit and how to adjust some things as a result.
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doris said…
such delightful costumes! next year you should make a tinkerbell! :D

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